Universal Worship Study Group – Auckland

This study group is open to all who are interested in deepening their understanding of this dimension of the Sufi message which is now so relevant in this time. It is also for those ordained as Cherags (ministers of universal worship), and those who feel called to train towards ordination, which is open to Sufi initiates and non-initiates.
These meetings include meditations and practices for Cherags, attunement to the prophets, study readings, discussions, etc.
5-7pm, usually monthly on the third Sunday of each month.
At 344 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden (in “Home and Family Counselling” premises).
“The mission of the Sufi Message is that, instead of giving a new form of worship, it collects all forms in one, so that no one may say, “My form of worship is left out”. It gives examples so that the followers of all religions may worship at the same time. It also brings all teachers known and unknown to the world as different beads in the same rosary. Imagine this idea spreading and penetrating through those separated because of differences of faith!” – Hazrat Inayat Khan
Contact Sirr Christoffersen for details. Ph 09 6232660, Mob 027 4792700.
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