Sufi Zikr / Dhikr and Turning

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 Whirling Meditation  

I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars.

I started listening to the teaching of my soul.               Rumi         


Dear Friends,

Join us on Friday 19th  of January for ‘Whirling’-Meditation!    Enjoy the Whirling in the warm and friendly space of Yoga Ground .

We will have an extended introduction to the Whirling-practise. So this is a great opportunity for ‘Beginners’ to get started with a lot of practical tips and insight.

Time:  7 15 pm   ;  Venue: YogaGround  56 Surrey Cres , Grey Lynn (!!  Small side-street , 2nd floor)

The Meditation: after 30 min of introduction and practising we whirl for 15 minfollowed by 15 min of silent meditation. This is a much loved Meditation based on a Sufi-technique that the Sufi-mystic Mevlana Rumi

developed in the 13th century. By emptying yourself and finding your centre you can open a pathway to connect with your higher self and the ’Beloved’.

It is recommended to not eat much before Meditation/Whirling and to bring socks for the Turning.

To be able to unlock the secrets of this meditation technique, please come regularly . In case of questions please call Abheer on  8172740    or 027-6567953


I am very much looking forward to our first meditation together this spring.



Whirling / Turning Practice in Auckland with Abheer

Whirling Turning in Auckland

After an introduction we turn for 45 minutes. The music is mostly pentatonic which is very supportive in creating inner balance and harmony. A sitting area is provided to allow the meditation to continue if you do not want to whirl the whole time. By keeping your eyes open, you can still be part of the process.

At the end we sit silently for 15 mins with closed eyes, finishing with a short Sufi-chant.

For more information on Sufi Whirling / Turning go here.

We currently meet at the YogaGround, Grey Lynn, 56 Surrey Cres, 7 30 pm.


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