A Welcome to the Sufi Path

from Murshida Jamila Cranston Buckley

The Inayati Sufi Path of Spiritual Liberty is for all people, for every walk of life, whatever your age, your culture, your country or your religion

At this time on the Planet we are becoming One Humanity – ONE Human Family.

We Walk the well worn path of Love,  value the sacred treasure, and seek out “Beauty” in all forms.

As the Sun rises to hold us all in its warm rays, Harmony rises up in our being guiding us toward unity in the midst of our diversity.

The Path of the Heart is Natural to all beings.

KoruIt is like tending a garden. Digging deep, always seeking the ways of love.

Sowing seeds of kindness, patience, tolerance, generosity, acceptance, joy, laughter, harmony and beauty…

Weeding out all that does not engender healthy loving human qualities.

Learning from our mistakes.

Wealth and riches in the view of Sufis is in remembering our One Source.

We are all born from the ONE.

Every heart carries its secret treasure.

Each heart and soul has a flame or light of love within.

A light which guides each one of us through life.

When we remember the riches of our One Source

When we live in Remembrance of the One.

When we meet that same source in each other

We become the hope for our future.

Kia Ora, Namaste, As Salaam Aleikhum